Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Story of Us.

I forget that I am new here and nobody on here really knows the story of our Alaska journey! So let me try to give you a little more about myself and about this crazy adventure that we are going on!

All my life, I knew that I was not put on this earth to stay in Kansas. Before I go further, I want to also say that Kansas is a great state, I am proud to be from here. But never in my life, even from when I was a very small girl, did I believe that Kansas would be were I lived and died.

Through the many twists and turns of this thing callled life.. I ended up in the Big E' where I live now, to go to school. I had never planned to stay here for more than a year or so, but again, life has a way of keeping your places for a reason. I've lived in the Big E' for almost 10 years now. This is where I finally grew up and understood who I was. This is where I met my crazy, beautiful, odd, funny, cranky, delicious husband. This is where I found the career I had always longed for.

But the Big E'..was still always a pretty temporary stop for me.

The Hubs and I are big discussion people. We like to talk ALOT. One night our discussion focused on our dreams. Like, "If money was no object, what would be your dream car?" Or " Who would be one celebrity that you would sleep with if you knew I wouldn't care?" You know, silly things.. Well one of the questions was "If you could live ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be?"

Immediately we both said Alaska.

Now, I like to take notice when god is trying to tell me something. You only get certain opprotunities in life when god is really speaking loudly about an issue and REALLY wants you to hear him.

I think that was the moment I knew that god was telling me I needed to see what this was all about.

So we got to talking more.. throwing around the idea. Why couldn't two Kansas kids do it? We knew a few of our friends who lived in Alaska and started asking them questions. Over the next year or so this little conversation of ours had actually turned into something that could be a reality.

In September of 08 we headed north. Hubs had a friend who he used to work with who lived in Nenana and I had two friends from HS who were stationed there at Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks.

As soon as I stepped off the plane, I was in love with it. I've tried many times to explain why I loved it so much to people. But in all honesty, there isn't words that even begin to explain it. But the best way I could tell you is that I felt at home there. Instantly.

During our time there we explored the city, checked out the layout and the things that they had to make sure it would be a place that we could handle. We did all the touristy things, saw all the beautiful sites.

One day we went out to Denali National Park for a day trip and on our way back we stopped in Healy for some gas and a few drinks before we headed back. I stayed outside while everyone went in and just looked at the sky and the amazing sunset ahead of me. There were a few clusters of trees across the highway that sat on the backdrop of this mountain scape that you couldn't in your best dreams imagine.

Hubs and I had watched "Into the Wild" a few weeks before we had left for Alaska and the whole entire movie I thought "this dude has lost his mind to give up his whole live to kill himself in the bush of Alaska."

I seriously thought he was out of his head. But just miles from where Christopher McCandless took his last breaths, watching the trees mask the last few minutes of the daylight, I totally got it. I could see why someone would give up everything they had to live there, or in his case to die there. The land of untouched beauty, so hauntingly beautiful.

That moment totally cemented our decision for me. I knew that come come hell or high water, I had to come back.

So.. here we are. Saving, Saving and Saving. We downsized our house and we are now living in a 400 sq feet apartment in the ghetto (some major bloggin on that! :) We plan to drive there August 1st. Selling everything but our personal treasures that we just can't part with.

Now, this could be a major mistake. I realize that. Quitting our jobs and starting a new life in the middle of a recession doesn't really seem like the brightest of ideas. I realize that I will be a complete cheechako (alaskan for newcomer!) and it could be really hard to succeed. We may completely make a fool of ourselves and have to come back. Who knows.. but at least I will have tried.

Never in my life have I ever done anything entirely on faith, leaving whatever happens in my life up to god.

So that's what I am doing. I'm just going to see what happens and see where I go from here. It's the first time in my life that I have ever felt so free.


  1. I love your dedication to the dream. I feel the same about our dreams. I tell hubs that whatever it is that makes him happy, I am on board. The material things are nice, but happiness is what we will remember for life. As long as I have him, and our kiddos, and we are doing what keeps us together, thats what matters. I wish you tons of luck and blessings along the way!

  2. You will not be sorry! You might get home sick or feel a bit lonely at times, but you are doing the right thing. SOOO many people wish they could walk in your shoes right now. For me...if you take away hope- what remains? *And, I will not be telling my husband this story or you might have to make room in your car. :D (We are doing something similar to you at this time. Alaska is on our list too.)

    Sorry, I went on and on.... I guess that is why my blog title is Ann on and On....

    Glad to have another SITSer, Welcome! I'm hosting a monogram bag giveaway...come on over.

  3. There is NO BETTER TIME in your life to go cliff jumping!!! That's how Jeff and I refer to our first move to AK and even more so this time, with a Type 1 Diabetic child and going to a place where we KNOW healthcare isn't the most fabulous! But- we believe God led us there before and is very clearly making a way for us now. Alaska will change your life and you will experience freedom in a whole new way!

  4. Who WOULDN'T see it as a Match Made In Heaven that you and your Mr. both dream of Alaska?

    I'm glad you shared this story.

  5. This is amazing! Seriously. I'm glad you shared your story because I have been wondering about it.

  6. Wow, that's about all I can say.

  7. i'm jealous...and i admire you. i am a jealous admirer!!

  8. All I can say to you is what I say to people who call us crazy for moving out of Alaska. And that is who ever said that adventure is wrong. People who dont try new things or take crazy adventures miss out on ALOT of life!

  9. Good for you for pursuing your dream, and saving up to do so. I hope you succeed and make a fabulous life for yourself up there on the last frontier!

  10. Thanks for stopping by Unwrap Life!

    This is absolutely amazing! Good for you for actually living your dream instead of just dreaming it.

  11. Wow, this post gave me chills! Best of luck to you in achieving your dreams.

  12. So, that comment above was from me. Gmail was playing tricks.