Thursday, April 16, 2009

Roadtrips and Goodtimes.

(me, not looking so hot w/o makeup, traveling down the country roads. ok, I was waiting for hubs to tinkle.!)

So I finally took everyone's advice and went on vacation. I had had enough at my job and was about ready to have a meltdown.

5 days is just what you need to get back into the swing of things. I had a great time with my husband. Sometimes it's like we are two ships passing in the night. Hello's and Goodbye's are sometimes the only words we get to say in a day.

It was good to reconnect.

We decided to go on a roadtrip.. a cheap vacation of the Kansas sites. Trust me.. there isn't that many. :)

(me and hubs in front of Dwight's house)
(hubs wanting to stay at Dwight's house!)

We first headed off to Abilene KS, home of Dwight D Eisenhower. He was the Pres long ago.. We toured the Eisenhower Museum and his family home. I'd been there before as a kid, as it's a given field trip for Kansas schools.

It's alot cooler to go there as an adult and really appreciate all of the articles they have from the presidents days. They have alot of things from the Eisenhower family from TOP SECRET documents to Mamie Eisenhower's dresses and jewerly. She was quite a fashionista!

So after a quick lunch at Taco Tico (hubs was so happy, our Taco Tico closed down and he was crushed ) we headed back out on the open road!

Despite what I say about Kansas being a flat lack luster piece of dirt, there are parts of Kansas that are extremely pretty, not breathtaking, but pretty. One thing is for sure though...there is nothing like Kansas clouds. We have the biggest, fattest, fluffiest clouds. They can be so beautiful and terrifying all in the same day. It had been cloudy all morning and as we were going down the road, god wanted to break open the sky for the sun to peek through. It was pretty amazing...

We decided then to head to Hutchinson for the night. So we could get up the next morning to have breakfast in Yoder KS. Yoder is one of Kansas's Amish communities. Theres lots of wonderful furniture shops and bakeries. We arrived in Yoder to eat at the Carriage Crossing Resturant, which is the best food in southcentral Kansas in my opinion. Amish women know how to throw down in the kitchen!

We found an awesome candle shop and then a bulk food store that had from scratch fillings and home grown spices and such.. it was SUCH a great store. We got some spiced dried apples that were AWESOME!

After that we headed over to the Hutchinson Salt Mine. Did you know Kansas had a salt mine that covered over two states? Me either.

We headed over and took the tour, which was SUPER AWESOME. What was not super awesome was the fact that you had to wear a hard hat, which totally screwed up my hair. I so can not rock the hard hat.

(me, not even coming close to rocking the hardhat, hubs.. maybe)

When you first go down the mine shaft 650 ft below the earths surface, its super way fast. I didn't like that part at all. Once you get down there they take you on a tram around the salt mine and tell you all about were salt comes from and how they mine it. At this salt mine they make road salt, not table salt. It's pretty intersting and they let you pick up some pieces from the mine to take home.

(some of the salt face at the museum)

Also at the mine is a business called Underground Storage. Basically movie studios, states, medical centers, etc send all of there UBER important stuff to the salt mine to this Underground Storage place. Apparently since the temperature is at a constant 63 degrees and there is no humidity or climate changes, this makes for the perfect place to store really important stuff. Plus it's 650 feet below the earth, so a tornado, wouldn't even come close to effecting it.

There were cool movie costumes (they had Ricky Bobby's Racing costume, Wonka bars from the movie and Brad Pitt's armor from Troy *meow!*) and really interesting state documents that they had on display. It was really neat to see everything that they had stored there!

It was such a great trip, for under like 150.00! YAY!

When we got home though, our car, yet again broke down.. The culprit?? Something else that was supposed to be fixed by our previous mechanic and was done completely incorrect. This brings us up to about 2500 in repairs on our car that we had to "redo" because the mechanic did them incorrectly. It's been a mess. But thankfully this time it was a minor situation, so crisis diverted!

Today was my first day back at work.. and I am not sure if I was really ready to be here.. but I did get a nice surprise today! A beautiful plant and a thank you balloon! Whoever sent this to me thank u!


  1. So glad you got to get away from it all for a few! :) My hubby lived near Hutch for a few years (Buhler) in jr.high/high school and his dad worked for a company that used the salt from those mines. Glad you're back- I've missed your posts! :)

  2. I think that's soooo cool you went to the Eisenhower house... and the salt mines are so awesome! I never went there... just another thing on my list of things I should have done before I moved. I'm glad you had a good vacation -- love the pic of the KS clouds! =)

  3. Looks like a fun trip! And, you totally rocked that hard hat, by the way! :)

  4. Vacay sounds rockin' for sure! :) Looks like a blast!