Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Smallest Blessings

My Smallest Blessings this week is my support system. I have such an amazing husband and a group of friends that I could never imagine my life without.
Yesterday, the darn car went belly up, AGAIN.
I had had such amazing week of no work, all play and hubby time. It was just such a depressing way to end such a great week. I was crushed.
In our quest to go to Alaska, we just keep hitting financial roadblocks. We've had to re-repair several things on our only car from a mechanic who screwed us over. We've had some health scares with my husband and myself. Money has been tight and our timeframe, even tighter..
But through all of our ups and downs with getting to our goal... our friends have been such a support.
I was sooo down about the newest problems with the car... but continued to get positive text's and supportive emails..
It helped.
And the hubs! He is forever positive and knows deep in his heart that no matter what is thrown at us we will get to our goal! He's amazing! He's a big FAT HUGE BLESSING!
I'm such a lucky girl!


  1. You sound like you have an amazing support system, my family is mine, sorry but my in life friends are not so understanding but my family is my rock!

  2. It's true that our supports (family and friends) can make all the difference. Such an amazing thing to have and it sure sounds like you appreciate them and don't take them for granted which is awesome!

    Here is hoping that your dream turns to reality soon, soon, soon!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous support!! Keep your chin up. =D melanie

  4. Support systems are oh-so-important! They keep us going don't they?

  5. So sorry to hear about your recent car problems. I have been dealing with the same... my stupid car has set us back $5000 in the past eight months. (!!) I keep reminding myself that it could be worse. And it definitely could....

    When I remember all the things that God has blessed us with, I am able to regain a calmness. Part of those blessings are absolutely the support systems you speak of. We couldn't make it without them, huh? :)

  6. That is great, having a good support system is so important!

  7. I'm so glad you have that support system. I understand how financial stresses can get you down...just keep looking at your goal. You'll get there!

  8. sounds like after a week like that, you need a fresh Alaska! You will love it!

  9. So I love you Rox... and your blog cheers me up, anyway I decided to start a blog myself, check it out and maybe you can help me get mine to rocking! what you say old buddy? this is me

  10. awww :) aren't friends amazing? Thanks so much for sharing your journey to Alaska with us. See you next week!