Friday, April 24, 2009

My Husband Rocks..

So I found a great blog idea.. "My Husband Rocks" Friday hosted by Katy Lin at the Great Adventure. Since sometimes the boys get a bad rap.. I want to take time out to introduce you to hubs and let you know why he rocks!

Well here is Hubs.. looking very cute. He doesn't like to pose for pictures very often.. So when I get the chance to snap one up I take it!
So let me introduce. Hubs, this is everyone.. Everyone this is hubs.
The reason why my husband rocks.. ?? Well there's just not one reason. Theres LOADS of them... He's pretty much the raddest dude in the land. I guess I am probably a little bias.
Well first of all, he is so funny. He loves to tell funny, dirty, raunchy, over the line jokes just to make me laugh. Don't let those sweet, innocent Catholic eyes fool you!
Hubs is an excellent taker outer of the trash. He is OBSESSIVE about vacumming, I am not allowed to do it, because frankly, it's not up to his standards. (Which cracks me up)
Hubs has the most giant heart. He likes to help people in need or does whatever he can to help a friend. He puts everyone but himself first. Which I think is pretty sweet.
He is an excellent conversationalist. We talk ALOT. We talk at home, on long drives, at WalMart, at work, at resturants.. EVERYWHERE.. He never runs out of things to talk about... I am not sure if that is good or bad?? :)
Hubs other awesome qualities include making excellent coffee, toast and chicken strips. :) He is not afraid to tell you that he's absolutely confused by sports and would love to learn to hunt and fish, but doesn't know how.
But with all of that.. how could there possibly be more you ask?? Well there is.. But I will save that for next Friday!


  1. he sounds like a great guy! Nice to "meet" him! :) and, seriously, being a conversationalist is a really really good quality to have--way to pick em, rocksee!

  2. I look forward to meeting the Hubs when you folks make it up to the AK. I guess it's like a man-date, but I'm not meaning for it to sound like that; unless he wants it to sounds like that . . . but - well it's starting to sound too creepy.

  3. What a great idea, and a sweet post.

  4. how fun! thanks for joining us! :) you're officially blogrolled! :)

  5. I wish my hubby loved vaccuming! But he is rather obsessive about the trash :) We can't have it all!

    I think my husband rocks too! That's why I let him post on Saturdays --He thinks that's pretty cool.

  6. Sounds like Hubs is an amazing guy- perfect for you! Maybe he and Jeff can learn to hunt moose together! :)