Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Boss.

You know alot of people on the internet hate there bosses. They write mean little blogs about how much there jobs sucks and how there boss is to blame. I have had a ton of really overbearing, rude, agressive bosses. Some who were power hungry and some who just didn't really know anything about being a boss.

But I've had a lot of really good bosses. More good than bad. The my last boss at my previous job, was a HUGE inspiration to me. I came to her after I was in a department and with another boss who made me feel so sad and less everyday. This boss, boosted me up. Showed me what I could be and actually trusted me to go out and see how far I could fly.

I really found my wings under my previous boss. I learned how to be assertive. I learned control. I learned that I could handle VERY difficult situations and excell at them. All it took was having someone in my corner believing it me.

Maybe it was her support that shoved me into applying for my current job. When I had to tell her I was leaving to come here, she was very sad to see me go... but happy to see how far I had come.

I really miss her.

But when I came to this job, I had two bosses. Both amazing. Over the past 4 years, one of them left and now I have just the one boss. But she is far and away the best boss I have ever had. People respect her because she's done our job. She knows how hard it is. Heck when we are shorthanded she rolls up her sleeves and helps out. She is always behind us, always standing up for us. She never looses faith in us.

What I love about her is that she always sees the good in every bad situtation. If I do something wrong, she shows me also what I did that was good.

She is inspirational to me because her husband also has diabeties. She's always open for me to come and talk to her when Hubs is getting to be hard to handle with his diabeties. She's a constant support.

She has sat me down and told me that I have to go to Alaska. I have to do it because it's my dream. That she believes in me that much.

What makes me sad is that I hope when I move away I can find a boss like her.

I bet probably not.


  1. It awesome the people that cross your path in life, that can mean so much. Sounds like you have learned alot from your boss. Very cool.

  2. What a tribute, considering, as you said, that so many of our detest the folks we work for. Me included!

  3. I say a raise is in order for you, after all of that sweetness. Yes, bosses get a bad rap most of the time...and I'm not saying that there aren't bad ones out there.... but honestly, most of the time, I wouldn't want the bosses job. :)

  4. I hope you do find a boss like that. But honestly having been a boss I can tell you that the employee has ALOT to do with the attitude that comes out. So you must be a good emplyee to them also.

  5. I got very spoiled by the last boss I had. This was nearly 20 years ago. I don't think I could've ever found one to live up to his example. :o)

  6. What an awesome boss!

    My last boss... begged me to come back early from maternity leave.... and then laid me off a month later.

    Think you could put in a good word for me where you work? ^_~ I want a boss like yours!