Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is Gary Jones.. he's from my hometown. He is what I'd like to call one of many town historians. He, along with his uber rad wife Marilyn run a store in Peabody full of the most interesting pieces of history you could ever find. They are also the only lodging you will find in Peabody, as they run a small bed and breakfast on there farm outside of town. No phones, no internet. House rules. All you'll find on Jones Farm is pasture and goats.

I went to visit his farm when I was in kindergarden for my first field trip. He gave me wildflowers.

(not wordless.. but the picture does say alot :)


  1. so glad you found me. I love to hear about others journey's especially to AK. What made you decide Fairbanks? This has been the most amazing journey of our life and we wanted no regrets, so we're soooo happy. I will definetely check back in.

  2. I think this is such a sweet blog... what a wonderful world Gary Jones has... simplicity! =) It would be fun to stay at their B&B.... and the fact that he gave you wildflowers makes me love him even though I don't know him. =)