Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a Great Day

It was a really super day outside today. 66 degrees is perfect Kansas weather. The sun was shining, everyone was out and about.. and of course..

I had to work.

So I tried to enjoy what I could of the day and got out a great CD in my car.. and cruised for a bit.

It was soo nice to be able to just enjoy the wind on my face and a good drive for a moment. It was so nice.. that a drink at Sonic was too good to pass up. I love some Route 44 ice water.. haha I know that's weird to go to Sonic for ice water.. but I love their ice!

So alot of people have been asking for before and after weight pictures. I am still a work in progress but.. here you go. The first picture was Dec and the last two are today. I am wearing the exact same sweater.. and it's pretty tight fitting.. so it should give you a better idea!

DEC 08:

MAR 09:

Mind you... still a ways to go.. I've plateaued at 50 lbs and can't seem to get over that hump! But I am still trying!

I hope you all have a great day!


  1. Thats awesome Roxsee! Whats your secret to loosing it..I cant seem to loose a pound. Im so proud of you. Hope all keeps going well!

  2. You are fiiiiiiiiiine Miss Roxy!!!! =) I am SO proud of you! I thought you were gorgeous before though.... ;) You are my inspiration!

    PS - I miss a Dr. Pepper from Sonic -- closest Sonic out here is in Portland!! =(

  3. You look FABULOUS!! Look at that hottie! Can't wait to see you!!

  4. Look At You Hot Mama!!!!! I Just Wanna Throw You A Par-Tay! I Am SOOOOO Proud Of You!!!!! You Are Doing Great!!! I <3 Ya!!!!!

  5. Hi! Found your blog through tundratantrum's and saw that your moving to Fairbanks!! We are moving back to Fairbanks from Tulsa at the end of April and can't wait to get back. Fairbanks is a great place with lots of good people. Great job with your blog by the way- it's alot of fun to read!

  6. You rock.
    You impressed me with a Not Gonna Do It day that ALREADY included laundry and grocery shopping.
    I'm impressed.
    A drive in the country doesn't even happen on MY Not Gonna Do It days.
    I'm staying.

  7. Holy-Moly Lady! You're doing one helluva job! Now I am going to have to harass you for diet tips. ^_~ You are looking amazing - as usual. :)