Saturday, March 28, 2009

WhiteOUT 2009

Well thankfully we survived.

No 3 feet of snow.

No blizzard conditions.

The world didn't end.

Everyone is still all in one piece.. Just like I said.

It was actually pretty weak on the snow front. We maybe got enough to cover the ground but not enough to make it completely white.

However.. We did get ice. ALOT ALOT ALLLLLLLLLLLOT of ice. We seem to do that pretty well in Northeast Kansas.

My car was a completely ice block. I'm just training it for Alaskan winters!

Last night at 3 am after I got off my 12 hour shift, I trudged out to the car. In short sleeves and thongs and chipped ice off my car like a good lil future Alaskan girl should.

I was having such a good time in the cold, quiet night that I chipped and sang at the top of my lungs.. using my ultra cool microphone AKA the ice scrapper to boot!

Me, Fergie and a 99 cent scapper. Who knew it would be such a great time?

I was looking at all the ice hanging off the trees and the houses that I got this rad picture of the ice that was rolling off the windows at my job.

Check it out!

Cool huh?

But with big ice does come some downers. Alot of the city is without power and it could be 3 days before it's fixed. That's not good not only for the people in the cold, but for me at work. Because they will all be callin!

I hope everyone sits tight, stays warm and keeps safe!

See ya kids!


  1. Love it that you're training for Alaska... love the cool ice pic... love it that you're safe and warm! =) xoxo

  2. Hi. I'm visiting from SITS. Very cool blog. We got lots of snow this winter & 1 bad icestorm. I'm so glad that it's Spring.