Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ohhh how I wish I was home..

So.. I am sitting here at work thinking that I have been here for 4 hours and it cant seem to be going fast enough. Bubby and I caught this TV show on Sci Fi (which I am completely not a fan of) called Jericho.. which apparently was on CBS loooong ago and was canceled.

Well I am completely hooked on this show. It's awesome.. but I had only seen bits and pieces of it.. Well I bought the whole series on Amazon a few weeks ago.. and we are starting to watch the whole thing.. and we only got to watch one episode today.

I am dying to go home and watch the next one! I want to see what happens with it. It makes me uber giddy.

I love having movie marathons with the hubs..! It's one of the great things in life!


  1. Hey Rox, its ol Dobson here you know I fell in love with this show also I actually had a brief story about it written in the Empo Gaz, you and ol hubby should check it out since you like the show... I got a new blog on here the blog is, and the Gazette article is at love ya sista

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