Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nope. Not gonna do it!

I am completely not motivated today. Not in the least.

The sad part in that is that I have 45000 things to do.

Maybe that's God playing a lil joke on me. Lets stack 45000 things on her plate and I'll flip the motivation switch and have a good ole laugh on Rocksee.. haha.. see god, not so tricky are ya?

I did get a few things accomplished today.

Grocery shopping -- check!
Laundry-- check check!

But to be honest.. I really didn't wanna.. :)

I did decide however to take a small little drive in the country. I love drives in the country, makes me feel connected to my home. Did you know that I first learned to drive on the country roads?

My grandpa started teaching me when I was about 12. I wonder what a sight that was. Me, my head barely coming over the steering wheel, doing 6 miles an hour down Canada Rd. I bet that was quite a sight.

But I just like the smells of Kansas. I think that sometimes you have to live here for awhile to get a sense of what your smelling. Harvest and planeting season are amazing for you senses.. and the time when everything is just starting to thaw out from winter and be fragrant again. Ahh! Thats the life!

I got so involved in my afternoon drive that I forgot that I had groceries in the back of my car. I completely ruined a few things..

But that's just my luck so I don't sweat it!

Anyways, how was your day today?


  1. I grew up in Iowa and so know what your talking about when it comes to the sights and sounds of planting and harvesting!!! Makes me miss home just thinking about it!
    We lived in Fairbanks for a year- from Oct. 06 to Oct 07. We loved it so much that we are going back for good! People think we are completely crazy for wanting to go back, but we do believe that is where the Lord wants us. We are very anxious to get back to our Alaska family! What's taking you guys up there?

  2. Hi Sweetie love the music you have up and this is a beautiful page, just wanted to let you know you were being thought of and to hang tough remember God never gives us more than we can handle. Much love to you sweetie. Blessings n' hugs
    Jul ♥

  3. Rocksee,

    Oh goodness, thank you so much for the sweet words! I am always finding interesting and funny bloggers that i just cant get enough of, and secretly read about their lives. I am happy that our blog did that for you! Hooray!

    You are your husband look too cute for words. You two seem like a wonderful couple that i wouldnt mind getting to know better, so if YOU dont mind, i will keep you around too!

    Your a fun and witty writer that i'm sure will become, another one of my favorite blogs.

    Nice to meet you.

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