Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let it Snow!

oh the weather outside is frightful..

Apparently KS is in a blizzard warning currently. Theres a ragin storm coming from CO and apparently we are supposed to get hit to all blazes tonight.

HHHHHHHHHHHHAAAA.. I hiiiiiighly doubt that. I've lived in this state 29 years and have never seen so much as 1 ft of snow at any given time. Western KS, mmmaybe.. It just doesn't happen in Southcentral or Northeast. It just doesn't.

It cracks me up how people are getting all crazy bananas because the weather man is saying we could get 12 to 15 inches tonight and tommorrow.

Since when in our ever lovin minds have we EVER believed a Kansas weather man?? Really people, since when has Merrell Teller EVER been right?

So batten down the hatches.. stock up on water.. laaaaa dee daaa dee da.

If it snows a half inch tommorrow, I'll be shocked.
If it snows more than 5 inches. I'll even wear thongs to prove how wrong I was.

See, people here use the terms "blizzard" and "artic air" rather loosely. A drop of snow or a slight chilly breeze and everyone is wearing 5 layers of clothing and driving like idiots.

People who have lived in Kansas all the lives (oh and the newbies that's a whollle other blog) are almost frightened of winter weather as it has been beaten into our brains that we have the worst weather of the country. Which is simply not the case.

Enjoy the snow people! Relish in the cold, brisk air!

And don't look at me funny when I tell you I am moving to Alaska.


  1. That's some wild weather indeed!

  2. I have to agree with you! This weather may be cold, and we may get a few flurries...but I rrrrreaaallly don't believe we'll get a blizzard....we didn't even get hit in wichita with half the stuff they said we get today....i know kansas weather is unpredictable, but i am not forseeing a blizzard....and don't worry, i won't look at you weird when you say you are leaving for alaska...OR if you wear your thongs in the snow...i'd probably join ya!

  3. Tulsa weather guys are predicting 4 inches here- we'll see!!

  4. Merrill Teller's nose has stretched so long and so far out of the TV it actually poked me once.... ((pinnochio lying reference here... hehe))

  5. It's coooooommmmiiiiing!! I'm tired of all this snow, so I'm sending up your way for a while.

  6. wish we had weather like that here!! thanks for stoppin by my blog...i love me some new bloggin buddies!!

  7. Oh man I don't like the snow either! Haha, and talking about blizzards reminds me of Utah and the first time I called the snowflakes a blizzard! people thought it was really funny!

  8. Thanks for stoppin' by my crazee blog. There's always something funky going on over there.... Welcome to Sits... It's a lot of fun!!! Come back by any ol' time! I think you're blog is very rockin'

  9. Thanks for stopping by! Nashville absolutely shuts down for 2 flakes. We call it "Kroger Alert, because all the grocery stores are bereft of bread and milk, and no one gets home on time because some moron forgot how to drive after they climbed behind the wheel!