Friday, March 20, 2009

Being Thankful

In a time when even the smallest things matter..

I am thankful for so much! So I decided to compile a little list of things that make me feel so full and so enomously grateful.

- my job. I know this is petty, but seriously, it's good to have a job that has some economic stability.

- I am so lucky to have a man who loves me.. even though he doesn't always like to admit it. he'd be lost without me.

- my family. I have a great mother who is amazingly strong. Stronger than she realizes.

- that I live in a cheap house. Now I may live in the ghetto.. but it is nice to have a 200.00 rent payment.. and a 16.00 electric bill.. That rocks!

-that I have lost 50 lbs. I mean really.. holy crap! I haven't lost a pound in 3 weeks.. but I've lost 50 lbs! AND I AM PROUD of that!!!

- that I feel good. my health is better.. and I am more aware of my body and what it is telling me.

- I am thankful that in my final year of my 20's I've really learned alot about myself. I know what I can do and what my limits are. I think my 30's are going to be fantastic.

- I am more thankful for the little things. Remember when you were younger and things like smells and cool days passed over your head w/o a question? Remember when things such as fuzzy slippers and a good wine, never really seemed that important..?
Gosh now, those things seem so much sweeter.. so much more appreciated.

-mostly.. I am thankful that god gave me the gift of writing. I've always loved that I had this outlet in me. Someday's the outlet is bone dry. But for a majority of my live writing was the only way I could get things out of my head and into the world.

So there you go. A few things off the top.

What are you thankful for??

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